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Digital Warehouse
for Quality Climate Finance

We finance carbon projects based on CRISP through forward carbon credits and offer streaming inventory to distributors like brokers and marketplaces.

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The World agreed
to act now!
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Emissions Reduction by 2030 on the Paris Climate Agreement
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There’s less quality projects being created
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Reduction of Global Sequestration supply in 2021 Q4
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It’s urgent to help Developers fund high-quality projects
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Funding gap of high-quality projects by 2030
Democratized Climate Finance

CRISP-Scored Liquidity Pools

The urgency of climate change demands immediate, transformative responses. Solid World brings this transformation with battle-tested and robust market-making mechanisms that streamline transactions and connect all stakeholders with liquidity.
Stake Liquidity
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Climate Warehouse: Transparent Contracts and Terms

Solid World bridges the gap between carbon project developers and distributors with transparent, streamable inventory. Our prepaid forward contracts allow distributors to stream the exact quantity of credits they require, smoothing out supply chains and optimizing market operations.
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AI-Driven CRISP Framework  

The climate finance landscape is complex and challenging to navigate. We have to fix that if we want to scale the market from being a 16th century bartering economy. With our CRISP framework, we are standardizing delivery risk to bring integrity to carbon markets.
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Mission to Hyperscale Climate Finance

We are building innovative infrastructure that leverages cutting-edge innovations - resulting in a liquid, scalable markets for climate finance.

Benefit from radically transparent, accessible, liquid markets and compelling ecosystem incentives. Having a meaningful impact for quality climate projects has never been this streamlined.
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Get rewarded for coordinating climate action

By becoming a liquidity provider, you can contribute to the global fight against climate change, and get rewarded through an attractive APR powered by state-of-the-art non-custodial technology.

By contributing to our pre-paid forward pools, you'll be part of a pioneering solution that bridges the gap between corporate buyers and climate-focused projects.

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Meet your future climate commitments with confidence through win-win pricing.

Financing and opportunity costs can have a dramatic impact on carbon credit prices by the time they get issued. A growing number of top companies, like Google and Shell, are financing carbon projects before issuance in addition to buying and offsetting carbon credits. This allows them to get better deals, with clear impact and a stronger balance sheet.

We provide low-friction access to great supply from some of the most impactful projects on the planet, supported by public delivery risk frameworks, contracts and guaranteed delivery.

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Access liquid, non-exclusive working capital. Your project deserves it.

Certifying carbon credits can take up to 3-5 years, which means that it can be a long wait to get rewarded for your work. The lack of predictable liquidity in the voluntary carbon markets can create challenges for those who want to anticipate their financial gains or losses and obtain financing for their carbon projects.

With our innovative platform, you can secure funding for your projects by pre-selling a portion of your future carbon credits at a transparent and fair price.

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Rapid Growth Presents Opportunities for Climate Finance

Everybody wants to be net zero. Realistically this won't happen without the carbon market creating opportunities to support projects fighting climate change.

The lack of quality options when it comes to spot carbon credits is evident to large buyers, while projects struggle to lock in capital. There is a clear need for organizations willing to solve this challenge by financing the impact up-front. There is currently too much friction, leading to few organizations willing to confront this challenge.

Enabling low-friction participation in financing climate initiatives is what Solid World is all about.
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all around the world
We are a international group of 15+ environmentalists, developers, entrepreneurs, and worried citizens. All we want is for the planet to be livable for the next generations.
Stenver's photo
Stenver Jerkku
CEO / Founder
CTO/CBO at eAgronom
Tech Lead at Glia (Unicorn)
VP of Estonian Founders Society
Rez's photo
Al W. "Rez" Tammsaar
CPO / Founder
Thought-leader in ReFi (featured in TIME)
AI lead at eAgronom
"This Week in ReFi" co-host
Durga's photo
Durga "Lex" Prasad
VP of Carbon
VCM Methodology & Project Analysis Expert
Carbon Natural Capital Analyst at BeZero
Technical review panel member at Plan Vivo
Sujit's photo
Sujit Ghosh
Senior Carbon Expert
5+ years experience in NBS Removal Estimation
Lead GIS Analyst at BeZero
PostDoc from Institute of Technology Kharagpur

As the sector continues to address the urgent need for carbon removal, new risk frameworks are essential in providing the necessary transparency and consistency in reporting on delivery risk. This will help ensure that we are making informed decisions and financing the projects that have the greatest potential for success.

Paul Young

Kita - Carbon Insurance

Solid World is one of the most professional, dedicated and solid teams in the climate space. They’re do essential work to expand the size of the market and finance more carbon projects.

Julia Lipton

Awesome People Ventures

We feel Solid World is doing something important – making pre-purchase deals trustworthy, liquid and transparent in the voluntary carbon market. We see great potential in this mission and are eager to help them achieve this goal.

Wassim Sahibi

SCB Group

Solid World has a similar mindset when it comes to leveraging blockchain technology to support climate innovators around the planet who are developing promising decarbonization projects. Our FinTech team and everyone here at Greycroft is excited about this partnership.

Nick Crance


Vlinder shares the vision of the Solid World that forward carbon liquidity is a missing element of the voluntary carbon market. We have partnered to jointly launch a forward carbon liquidity pool, collaborate to develop a risk assessment methodology for blue carbon as well as a forward carbon tokenization standard.

Sergey Ivliev


Solid World is a project that OFP is looking to support due to its track record of carbon credit management within the ReFi world, its reach to projects on the ground already, and the innovative thinking surrounding the growth of a sustainable carbon economy.

Jeremy Epstein

Open Forest Protocol

Solid World is rethinking the way planet-positive projects receive funding, by making it affordable and accessible to start initiatives that help address the greatest threat of our time.

Raphaël Haupt


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