Derisking Carbon Financing at Scale

Enabling institutions to scale their carbon financing through diversified and derisked carbon financing pools

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90% of companies are in serious physical risk from climate change

Paris Climate agreement targets cutting emissions by 50% by 2030 and becoming net-zero by 2050. We need to stay below 1.5 degree warming goal to avoid economic disaster. This goal requires GHC emissions to fall 23 Gt from 2019 to 2030.

Voluntary carbon markets enable corporates to meaningfully support stopping climate change, and become ESG/taxonomy compliant.42% of fortune 500 companies have pledged climate commitments by 2030. Sustainability commitments globally are driven by strong investor pressure.

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Forward financing is a complex market that requires large, specialised sustainability departments

Forward carbon financing is noisy with low transparency
Specialised underwriting departments are required for sourcing high-quality projects with fair prices
Carbon projects have large delivery risk
Specialised due diligence is required as 90% of carbon projects overpromise and underdeliver.
Forwards carbon credits are illiquid OTC deals
Specialised sales teams are required to rebalance the books, as there are no price signals of guaranteed buyers for forwards. 

We derisk and diversify forward financing through carbon pools

Curated and transparent Risk-Due diligence
Every underlying has a guaranteed delivery
Transparent price with liquid market
Claim any specific project from the pool
at any time

Seasoned management team with over 20 years of combined carbon experience

Stenver Jerkku
CTO/CBO at eAgronom
Tech Lead at Glia (Unicorn)
VP of Estonian Founders Society
Blockchain since 2013
Protocol Lead/Founder 
Thought-leader in on-chain carbon
Contributor for Toucan Protocol
Enterprise PM at eAgronom
Due Diligence Manager
BeZero Carbon Natural Capital Analyst
Deep experience in pre-feasibility and
VCM methodologies
Sujit Ghosh
Due Diligence Expert
5+ years experience in
mangrove/forest carbon estimation
BeZero Lead GIS Analyst
PHD + postdoc from Institute
of Technology Kharagpur
15+ people worldwide
ACT Commodities, ARF trading, Banco Atlântico, Best Bank, Samsung, Nokia, Alfa Romeo, L'Oreal, Unilever, Villeroy & Boch and others

We have deep industry-specific strategic partnerships

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"I support the Solid World project because I know the highly capable team behind it and can see that they have come to the problem that needs solving and the solution they are proposing because of years of work in eAgronom. This adds a sense of security that they actually do know what they are doing and have already made and avoided a whole series of potential errors."
"What stands out with Solid World is ambitious head-in-the-clouds thinking combined with feet firmly on the ground. (In soil, even.) A strong team and knowing their field inside out bode well for this project to have a meaningful positive impact on our climate."
"Carbon capture will be the megatrend of the next decade. I always like to be one step ahead, but Solid World is two steps ahead because they are merging future trends with future technologies."
"We decided to pitch in because decarbonisation is a massive market and the Solid World team has a number of advantages to successfully enforce it."
We were open to adding green economy operations to the ByBlock crypto investment portfolio. Knowing a little about the bottlenecks of the CO2 economy and how decentralisation could alleviate it, as well as hearing that the solution is being worked on by an experienced Estonian team, caught our attention.  A good reputation, previous achievements and the chosen approach to the problem played a major role in the decision.
“Scaling negative carbon emissions and decentralised web3 are both important themes to back — and Solid World has an interesting approach right in the intersection on both.”
"Matters of the environment have become increasingly topical, which is why I want to take part in projects that help make the world a better place and contribute to this trend. Solid World is exactly this kind of a project!"

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