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Solid World Update — August 2022

Solid World accelerates carbon project development through fair, transparent and liquid markets in a $50B market by 2030. We de-risk carbon investments and make them liquid. The added safety of investing in carbon space will result in accelerated capital deployment and expansion cycles for carbon projects. We have partnered with the top companies in this space like SCB, Vlinder, Emsurge, Arbol, SustGlobal, Toucan, and OFP, raised $2.7M of funding and have $4M TVL.

This month’s highlights

  • We already have $4M of $11M committed for our initial liquidity pools, an increase from $1.5M since July. Vlinder is one of the world’s biggest sequestration investment funds.
  • Earlier this month, I spoke at a conference in Tokyo about sustainability in Web3 among some very serious companies, including Mitsubishi group, Inclusion Japan, Microsoft, and Genesiaventures. All of them are taking an interest in this industry.
  • We are on schedule to launch on test-net in January and main-net in March of 2023

New Opportunities for you!

  • We are still expanding these pools and offering opportunities for some of our valued investors to become market makers, where they can earn a compelling risk-adjusted APR + have exposure to the principal of cross-collateralized forward carbon credits, which are expected to reach $100 by 2030 from $20~$30 now.
  • This opportunity is open to you, and our automated on-chain tooling will take care of all the work for you — you can enjoy the yields and exit anytime. Minimum ticket $500K

New Articles and Podcasts!

Rez has begun publishing an extensive research study on financial “death spirals” like the one that took down Terra Luna. Parts 1 and 2 are both live on Rez’s Medium page.

We have a new article explaining the basics of the Solid World protocol.

You can listen to Rez cover the recent news in the carbon space on ReFi Weekly, streaming on YouTube and Spotify.

Stay in touch!

  • Please reach out if you are interested in becoming a market maker for our protocol or if you think there are any VCs, hedge funds, angels or family offices in your orbit. Feel free to send me a message if there is anything else you would like to discuss.
  • Please subscribe to Solid World, Stenver and Rez on Twitter.