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Solid World Update — July 2022


We started looking for dollar liquidity providers(LP-s) for our forward carbon pools!

In total, we need $5–6M of liquidity. The pool owners would help to finance carbon projects by being market makers of a liquid market, earning up to 17% APR yearly. The position is relatively safe — you have roughly 50% exposure to dollars and 50% exposure to carbon credits and can exit the position anytime. Minimum LP ticket for launch is $500K.

We already have around $4-$6M in TVL from forward LP-s(for example, Vlinder announcement that was public)!

If you could help me find liquidity providers who are interested in a relatively safe yield of up to 17% APR yearly while stopping the climate change, I would appreciate it.


The carbon markets are predicted to 50x by 2030. Solid World will capture most of that growth with the world’s first protocol to make carbon investments liquid through forward markets.

We started in October 2021

  • We have $4-$6M worth of forward carbon credits committed by established institutions
  • We have partnered with the top crypto climate companies like Toucan, Flowcarbon, OFP, and traditional trading houses and brokerages like Vlidner, StarCB and Emsurge
  • We have sourced tens of millions of forward credits.
  • We are in late-stage talks with multiple trading houses to become liquidity providers on their automated market maker.
  • We are serial founders and have built a world-class team with deep industry knowledge (ACT Commodities, BeZero, eAgronom) and blockchain knowledge (Toucan, Mercado Bitcoin, KlimaDAO)
  • The protocol will unlock trading, options, futures, collateralized loans, and other financial products in the carbon markets.
  • We have a first-mover advantage in building forward carbon credit infrastructure.


Solid World has secured it’s first forward LP commitment from Vlinder! Vlinder is going to supply 50,000 T/CO2 of bluecarbon credits, which are worth around $1,500,000. We are using advanced liquidity engines, which put our effective liquidity depth at $5,115,000. We will launch with around $34M effective liquidity over 2 pools.

We will continue talking with multiple funds to secure more forward LP-s for our infrastructure and will now begin looking for dollar side LP-s. We are looking for $5,272,078 in dollar side liquidity. This will be one of the safest yields on-chain, as 50% of the LP position will be in dollars. The rest of the position is in forward carbon credits which have guaranteed delivery, expected appreciating value and relatively stable price.

Here are few articles about this major milestone:

Key highlights

  • Vlinder forward LP commitments of $1.5M worth of forward Mangroves! Undisclosed soft commitments from others as well.
  • Rez wrote an article looking into the registry’s role in the voluntary carbon markets, what green grants are and why launching new registries is a difficult undertaking.
  • You can read it here.
  • Rez wrote an article about how to figure out if a protocol’s token is liable to rapid death spirals.
  • You can read it here.

Key challenges

  • We have now started to look for dollar side liquidity. We are connecting with hedgefunds, VC-s, investment funds and big angels to find the LP-s.
  • We always need to find more funds and trading-houses that invest into carbon credits to start using our platform.
  • We started to look for an experienced QA person to test our platform. Check out our job posting on Linkedin.

Help us!

If you want to help our in our mission then here’s a few things you could do:

  • Introduce us to dollar LPs — If you know anybody who wants to have relatively safe (roughly 50% USDC/50% carbon credit) LP positions with around 17% APR, we would appreciate an intro!
  • Help us find a QA expert — Our protocol is ready for testing and polishing, and we are looking for senior QA people to test our product!
  • Introduce us to carbon investors — We want to meet funds and trading-houses (like StarCB or ACT Commodities) who purchase carbon credits. They are our main users!

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