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Solid World Update — July 2023

Solid World has had a busy summer so far, and we still have a lot coming!
Read on for some of our most recent announcements and accomplishments!


  • Over 10 distributors are already integrating with us and selling our supply.

Their names are not public yet, but it is only a matter of time until the first volumes start moving.

  • Solid World Ranked #1 on Gamma on Polygon/Uniswap

In an incredible milestone, Solid World has topped the Gamma ranking on Polygon!

  • New Listings on DeFi Dashboards

Our continued growth in the decentralized finance (DeFi) sector is evident with Solid World now being listed on Alchemy, DefiLamma, Wallet Connect, Zerion, and many other DeFi dashboards. These listings facilitate easier access and deeper understanding of our solutions.

  • Solid World Dune Dashboard is Live!

We are excited to announce the launch of the Solid World Dune Dashboard. This interactive platform provides real-time data and visualizations, further enhancing transparency and accessibility to our community. Experience the new dashboard here: https://dune.com/solid-world/solid-world-crisp-m-dashboard.

Networking and Speaking Appearances

  • Presidential Recognition: Meeting with the Estonian President and UK Ambassador

Solid World CEO Stenver Jerkku, recently had an enlightening discussion with the Estonian President H.E. Mr. Alar Karis, and the UK Ambassador, H.E. Mr. Viljar Lubi. This pivotal meeting highlighted our dedication to climate initiatives and future growth plans: https://twitter.com/stenverjerkku/status/1673239670744858625.

  • Solid World Represented at this year’s AI4 Conference

Our community manager, John Vibes, presented at the AI4 conference in Las Vegas, August 7-11. We're proud to have John represent Solid World at this prestigious event, further establishing our role in AI-enabled environmental solutions. Video of the presentation will be out soon!

  • Sustainable Blockchain Summit Welcomes Back Stenver

Solid World CEO Stenver Jerkku will be speaking at the first ever virtual Sustainable Blockchain Summit on August 16th. Stenver was a speaker at a previous Sustainable Blockchain Summit in person last year in Bogota, Colombia. Sign up here: https://sbs.tech/

Press, Articles and Podcasts

  • Further Expansion: Updates on Our Projects in Myanmar

We are moving full steam ahead with new updates and contracts for our projects in Myanmar. Through these projects, we aim to expand our footprint in Southeast Asia and foster a stronger global climate action network. This is in addition to the project updates that we previously published for Kenya. More updates are coming this month for projects in Senegal and Indonesia.

Stenver recently appeared on the Temy podcast to discuss how Solid World is working to scale carbon markets with key innovations in forward carbon credits.

  • Podcast: The Return of “This Week in ReFi”

"This Week in ReFi" is back with two new episodes. In the first new episode, Stenver joins the conversation to talk about the launch of Solid World, and then for the second episode, Rez and co-host Slaptain Shwirv get back to the normal content format, discussing the latest trends and sharing insights from the world of regenerative finance.

  • In-Depth Analysis: The Impact of TreeCoin on the ReFi Ecosystem

In our commitment to sharing valuable insights, we've published an article exploring TreeCoin and its groundbreaking impact on the regenerative finance ecosystem. Read the full article here: https://solidworldhq.medium.com/treecoin-pioneering-climate-finance-with-mangrove-restoration-768093a31da7.

New Opportunities for You

  • For those interested in supporting environmental causes while earning attractive yields in Real World Assets, consider staking with us! You can start your journey here: https://app.solid.world/.

Thank you!

Thank you for your continued support and belief in our mission. As always, we look forward to hearing from you and working together to fight climate change.

What is Solid World?

Solid World is a climate commodity financing solution that is truly liquid and transparent, starting with carbon removals. Solid World launched the Mangrove restoration pool by purchasing carbon removals at a discount pre-delivery and offering them to distributors, creating a transparent and liquid market in the middle. Participants can stake in the liquid market and get rewarded 14% vAPR. Solid World minimizes delivery risk with an AI-powered CRISP framework.

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