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Solid World and Atem Announce Partnership

Solid World’s prepaid carbon credit inventory will now be available on Atem’s platform.

In a recent statement announcing the partnership, Atem co-founder Alexandre Peschel said, “We are excited to list Solid World supply on Atem, giving the opportunity to corporates to buy forward credits at advantageous price and in an easy way. Our customers will be able to support high quality projects early on and give a strong signal to the market.”

Solid World CEO Stenver Jerkku also published a statement, saying that, “Our partnership with Atem will unlock new funding for carbon projects around the world, while giving buyers and sellers of forward credits the most liquid and transparent market that they’ve ever seen!”

About Solid World

Solid World is a commodities financing platform that creates liquid and transparent markets at the earliest stages of production.

Commodities are financed by the protocol at the pre-delivery stage. Liquidity providers get rewarded 14% vAPR as the underlying assets mature, and these assets get traded to distributors such as brokers and marketplaces.

Solid World’s initial market is forward carbon assets, where an initial pool was launched in May 2023. They have strong partnerships with industry leaders like Mastercard Lighthouse, IETA, and SCB. They are in the process of launching a second pool in Q3 and expanding to other commodities such as EU ETS, RECs, and supply-chain financing with a TAM estimated to be worth trillions of dollars.

About Atem

Atem is a carbon sourcing and management platform, helping corporate customers on their way to net-zero. As an independent platform, Atem offers unbiased options for carbon offsetting and don’t have vested interests in any specific projects, allowing customers the freedom to choose what aligns best with their corporate values. To help them make trustworthy choices, Atem consolidates various data points, including third-party ratings. This comprehensive approach minimizes the risk of greenwashing. Cost-efficiency is another advantage; our transparent, low-fee structure ensures customers get the most out of their sustainability budget. Lastly, Atem is designed to easily integrate with existing business processes, thereby reducing manual effort and enhancing operational efficiency.