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Solid World Partners With Neutral Protocol

Solid World is pleased to announce a new partnership with Neutral Protocol, a derivatives platform for ReFi assets, which allows users to trade carbon futures, options, and execute strategies. Neutral’s platform will enable market participants to lock in prices for purchases / sales of carbon credits or forward contracts, hedge their carbon or forward holdings, and express market sentiment while enabling a new layer of utility (yield / net-neutral strategies).

Farouq Ghandour of Neutral Protocol recently issued a statement on the partnership, saying that “Early financing for project developers will be essential for scaling VCMS and Neutral is thrilled to be working alongside the great team at Solid World to increase the utility of their forwards. Using liquid forwards as underlying assets will unlock an exciting set of use cases for project developers and forward purchasers alike. Excited to bring this to life together.

Farouq added that, “As a founder, it’s also been great being a part of the Solid World community. Whether it’s discussing tokenomics with Rez or covering strategy with Stenver, they’ve made building in ReFi so much more enjoyable.”

The Solid World team is likewise excited for the new partnership, issuing a statement of their own that said, “Neutral Protocol is building a very important piece to the voluntary carbon market puzzle, with a market for carbon derivatives, perpetuals, and even forward contracts, our primary area of interest. We believe that this team has the knowledge and dedication to quickly become a vital player in these markets. Aside from that, Farouq has been a great collaborator in the ReFi space, and we are excited to dig deeper and solve more problems together.”

Climate projects want to stop climate change, but climate finance is untransparent and slow. Solid World is using DeFi to close the climate financing gap through fair, transparent, and liquid markets. Solid World de-risks carbon investments and makes them liquid. This will result in 10x more investments deployed into the space.

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