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Solid World Partners With Vlinder

Solid World DAO and Vlinder are pleased to announce a new partnership, in which Vlinder will provide 50kt/CO2 of forward carbon credits to the Solid World DAO Mangrove Pool.

The forward carbon credits will enable funding of reforestation projects in Myanmar, Sri Lanka and Indonesia. The projects restore degraded mangrove areas and improve lives of vulnerable communities: they create new jobs and value-added livelihoods, provide education and upskilling and support to women and share at least 50% of received carbon credits with local stakeholders. The carbon stored by mangroves is called blue carbon and is rare and highly valued on the market. It secures social and environmental co-benefits and effectively addresses climate change as mangroves sequester up to five times more CO2 from the atmosphere than any other forest.

In a statement announcing the collaboration, Stenver Jerkku, Chairman of Solid World DAO, said, “The more we learned about Vlinder and what they have been doing, the more impressed we became. We both have a deep desire to fix the carbon markets, see the blockchain as the only realistic solution and the Vlinder team has worked with bluecarbon for years. Joining forces was the natural next step.”

Vlinder founder Sergey Ivliev, also issued a statement, saying that, “Vlinder shares the vision of the Solid World DAO that forward carbon liquidity is a missing element of the voluntary carbon market. We have partnered to jointly launch a forward carbon liquidity pool for Vlinder’s mangrove restoration projects, collaborate to develop a risk assessment methodology for blue carbon as well as a forward carbon tokenization standard.”

Solid World DAO de-risks carbon investments and makes them liquid. This will result in 10x more investments deployed into the space. They’ve partnered with the top crypto companies in this space like Toucan, Flowcarbon, OFP, and the top trading houses or brokerage companies like StarCB and Emsurge.

Vlinder is a climate tech company that plants mangroves and reinforces climate projects with early funding and innovation. Vlinder’s goal is to enable carbon mitigation of 10 million tonnes of CO2 every month, the combined footprint of Switzerland and Austria.

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