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Solid World Spring Update — Beta Launch!!

As we progress through the year, we want to take a moment to reflect on the tremendous progress we’ve made and share some exciting updates with you. It’s been a season filled with significant milestones for the Solid World team, and we couldn’t have done it without your support!

Gear up, as this post is packed with a ton of updates and information.

Solid World launched it’s public Beta!

  • Our platform is now live and functioning, ready to make a substantial difference in the fight against climate change. This launch marks the start of a new era in regenerative finance and is a testament to the relentless effort of our team. Solid World has launched the deepest, most transparent, and most liquid Verra forward mangrove restoration commodity pool on the planet!
  • We democratized access to supporting Mangrove Restoration opportunities. This opportunity currently yields 13.6% in Real World Assets — 9.5% in USDC, and 4.1% in CRISP-M. Importantly, there are no speculative tokens involved in the yield or LP position. On top of that, if the carbon removal market escalates, you will benefit from that exposure too.
  • You can learn more here — https://app.solid.world/
  • Each CRISP-M token is commodity token, backed 1–1 by premium prepaid forward carbon credits. Our first CRISP-M(CRISP-scored Mangroves) pool focuses on Verra mangrove restoration, which is the most premium nature-based carbon removal available. With the recent shift in the market towards premium credits, as indicated by this Guardian article, mangroves are becoming even more sought-after. They not only excel at carbon capture but are also biodiversity hotspots and provide local communities with a shield against hurricanes. NOAA ranked Mangrove Restoration as the most potent solution, limited only by potential growing areas on Earth.
  • You can explore all the projects here — https://app.solid.world/projects.
  • Each forward removal credit tied to a project can be bought from our pools and the underlying contract transferred off-chain, ensuring a direct contract between the supplier and buyer. This structure helps maintain prices in line with real-world values through arbitrage.
  • Every project undergoes assessment with our AI-enabled CRISP framework, which we’ve made publicly available to drive transparency in the sector. This framework is now being adopted by carbon removal insurance companies.
  • The first CRISP report can be found here — https://docsend.com/view/wbyfffvxtz8u8nab
  • Papriko project overview — https://app.solid.world/projects/4
  • For more comprehensive information, check out this resource — https://solidworld.gitbook.io/solid-world-whitepaper/
  • Essentially, this is the world’s first liquid commodity pool of premium Verra forward carbon removals with a compelling APR and massive expected market growth. Multiple traders, brokers, and marketplaces are already working on listing our inventory. They can essentially use our inventory as a book where they don’t hold the risk and sell our products to their clients at prices they want.
  • You can see the prices and inventory here.
  • Sign up to our pricing newsletter here!

Other highlights

  • Membership in IETA: Solid World has been accepted as a member of the International Emissions Trading Association (IETA), a non-profit organization dedicated to the establishment of effective systems for trading in greenhouse gas emissions.
  • Community Growth: Our partnership with Masa resulted in a successful SBT Airdrop event, with 50 participants receiving “Solid World Whale” SBTs and a share of the $4,000 prize pool. This campaign resulted in massive overnight growth on our Twitter and Discord channels which now stand at 5k and 7k, respectively.
  • Global Impact: Solid World is now funding six environmental projects across the globe. These initiatives, focusing on carbon sequestration, are a testament to our commitment to the planet. We are excited to see the long-term positive impact that these projects will have.

New Opportunities for You

Press and Podcasts

  • Mastercard Lighthouse Presentation: Our CEO Stenver had the honor of presenting at Mastercard Lighthouse, sharing our vision with leading fintech innovators.
  • ReFi Summit Presentation: Rez, our other co-founder, gave an insightful presentation at the ReFi Summit in Seattle, Washington.
  • Media Coverage: The launch of Solid World was featured in Coindesk and several other influential publications. We are grateful for the positive reception and recognition we have received from the press.
  • Full Solid World Explainer Blog: We understand that what we are doing is complex, so we put together an extensive explainer blog that lays out the basics of our protocol in full detail.
  • Whitepaper: You can dive into deep technical details by going to our whitepaper page

Thank you for your continued support and belief in our mission. As always, we look forward to hearing from you and working together to fight climate change.

Who we are

Solid World is a commodity infrastructure project financing platform, starting with climate initiatives. Solid World launched Mangrove restoration pool, by purchasing carbon credits at a discount pre-delivery and offers them to distributors, creating a transparent and liquid digital warehouse in the middle. Participant can stake in the liquid market to earn around 14% APR while risks are minimized through AI-powered CRISP framework.

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